Uruguay Schedule, Record and Where to Watch Online

Uruguay Schedule, Record and Where to Watch Online

Uruguay won the first tournament in Argentina, becoming the first country in the world to win an international football trophy. With fifteen championships, they are the joint-most successful team in tournament history, along with Argentina.

The South American Championship was held yearly until 1927, and Uruguay was the dominant team during this early era, winning six of eleven championships. Inside-forward Romano, who holds the record for most titles and tournament appearances (9), was a member of all six won sides.

In this article, I will share Uruguay‘s Copa America 2024 past record, the match schedule and how you can watch their matches online anywhere in the world.

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Copa America 2024 Uruguay Teams Schedule

The game wise schedule for Copa America 2024 is not yet out, so I will update the match wise schedule as soon as the event approaches.

When is Uruguay Next Match in Copa America 2024?

Uruguay’s next match at Copa America 2024 is not yet decided; however, I will share the details here in this section as soon as the event arrives and is nominated by the official websites.

Team Uruguay Copa America allover Record

Since 1916, Uruguay has taken part in 45 events out of 47 where they have picked the number 1th spot a record 15 times. They have played 206 matches in all Copa America, out of which they have won 112, lost 56 and 38 were drawn.

Argentina 1916Champions1st321061
Uruguay 1917Champions1st330090
Brazil 1919Runners-up2nd421175
Chile 1920Champions1st321092
Argentina 1921Third place3rd310234
Brazil 1922Third place3rd421131
Uruguay 1923Champions1st330061
Uruguay 1924Champions1st321081
Chile 1926Champions1st4400172
Peru 1927Runners-up2nd3201153
Argentina 1929Third place3rd310246
Peru 1935Champions1st330061
Argentina 1937Third place3rd52031114
Peru 1939Runners-up2nd4301135
Chile 1941Runners-up2nd4301101
Uruguay 1942Champions1st6600212
Chile 1945Fourth place4th6303146
Argentina 1946Fourth place4th5203119
Ecuador 1947Third place3rd7502218
Brazil 1949Sixth place6th72141420
Peru 1953Third place3rd6312156
Chile 1955Fourth place4th52121212
Uruguay 1956Champions1st541093
Peru 1957Third place3rd64021512
Argentina 1959Sixth place6th62041514
Ecuador 1959Champions1st4310131
Uruguay 1967Champions1st5410132
1975Fourth place4th210113
1979Group stage6th412155
Argentina 1987Champions1st220020
Brazil 1989Runners-up2nd7403113
Chile 1991Group stage5th413043
Ecuador 1993Quarter-finals6th412155
Uruguay 1995Champions1st6420114
Bolivia 1997Group stage9th310222
Paraguay 1999Runners-up2nd612349
Colombia 2001Fourth place4th622277
Peru 2004Third place3rd63211210
Venezuela 2007Fourth place4th622289
Argentina 2011Champions1st633093
Chile 2015Quarter-finals7th411223
United States 2016Group stage11th310244
Brazil 2019Quarter-finals6th422072
Brazil 2021Quarter-finals5th522142
Total15 Titles45/472061123856410222

Where to Watch Every Uruguay Copa America Match Online

If you want to watch Uruguay games online, check out the official broadcasters and TV Channels of Copa America 2024. However, if you want to watch the matches online, you will be required a sound streaming app that brings Uruguay’s game in HD and with the most economical price.

The modern way to live stream Uruguay matches online is through a VPN:

Watching the Copa America with a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a viable option if you want to access streaming services that might be geo-restricted in your location.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to watch Copa America with a VPN:

Choose a Reliable VPN Service

Start by selecting a reputable VPN service. There are many options available, both free and paid. However, for streaming sports events like Copa America, a paid VPN service is often recommended for better performance and reliability. ExpressVPN is one of the top notch VPN in the market that brings you the maximum games of Copa America 2024 online.

Sign Up and Install the VPN

Sign up for the VPN service of your choice by providing your payment information and creating an account.

Download and install the VPN app on the device you plan to use to watch Copa America. Most VPN providers offer apps for various platforms, including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and more.

Connect to a Server

Open the VPN app and log in with your credentials.

Connect to a server in a location where the Copa America streaming service you want to access is available. For example, if you want to watch on a South American streaming platform, connect to a server in a South American country hosting the tournament. Alternatively, you can also access BBC iPlayer by connecting to a UK server.

Clear Browser Cookies and Cache (Optional)

In some cases, it will be helpfull if you clear your browser’s cookies and cache to ensure that websites recognize your new IP address as being in the chosen server location.

Access the Streaming Service

Once connected to the VPN server, visit the official website of the streaming service that has the rights to broadcast Copa America matches (UK’s BBC iPlayer in the present case). Make sure you’ve signed up for an account on that platform if required.

You should now have access to the streaming content as if you were in the country where the server is.

Start Watching Copa America

After successfully accessing the streaming service, you can start watching Copa America matches live or on-demand, depending on the service’s offerings.

Disconnect from the VPN (Optional)

When you’re finished watching, you can disconnect from the VPN server to return to your normal internet connection.

Uruguay’s Biggest Rivals in Copa America 2024

Uruguay is a world class team and very famous in South America for their style of play and record in Copa America. Brazil are their biggest rival in Copa America space. Till date, they have encounter of 26 games overall, both teams have won 9 games each and 8 were gone without any result. I expect and would surely like them to face each other in the later on stages of Copa America 2024.

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