How to Watch Copa America online in Spain

How to Watch Copa America 2024 Online in Spain

Movistar+, CRTVG and Hulu + Live TV are few of the best apps I recommend to access to live stream Copa America 2024 Online in Spain.

If you’re a football enthusiast in Spain eagerly awaiting the Copa America tournament, you might wonder how to catch all the action. Fortunately, several options are available to watch this prestigious South American football championship. One of the popular choices is Movistar+, a leading television network in Spain that typically broadcasts the tournament live.

Additionally, CRTVG, the public broadcaster in Galicia, often provides coverage of the Copa America matches. Another option is Hulu + Live TV, a streaming service offering live sports channels, including those broadcasting Copa America. With these options, you can cheer for your favorite teams and enjoy every thrilling moment of the Copa America right from Spain.

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How to Watch Copa America Online in Spain

If you’re in Spain and looking for a reliable option to watch the Copa America tournament, Movistar+ is an excellent choice. Movistar+ is a popular television network in Spain that offers diverse content, including live sports events. Here’s a detailed overview of how you can watch the Copa America using Movistar+:


To access Movistar+ and watch Copa America, subscribe to their services. Movistar+ offers various packages and plans, including satellite and fiber optic connection options.


Movistar+ typically provides extensive coverage of major sports events, and Copa America is no exception. You can expect to watch all the matches live, including group stage games, knockout rounds, and the final.


Movistar+ broadcasts Copa America on its dedicated sports channels. The channel(s), however, may vary, so checking the program schedule or the Movistar+ website for the specific channel details is recommended.

Additional Features

Movistar+ often offers additional features to enhance your viewing experience. These may include interactive features, multiple camera angles, on-demand replays, highlights, and analysis by sports experts.

Multi-device Access

Movistar+ allows subscribers to watch their content on multiple devices. Whether you prefer watching on your TV, computer, tablet, or smartphone, you can enjoy the Copa America matches on the go.

Catch-up and Recording

If you miss a match or want to re-watch a thrilling moment, Movistar+ offers catch-up and recording options. You can access previous games or record upcoming matches at your convenience.

Subscription Bundles

Movistar+ often provides bundled subscription offers that include both television and internet services. This can be a convenient option if you’re looking for a complete entertainment package.


How to Watch Copa America 2024 Online in Spain

When watching Copa America in Spain, one of the prominent options for football fans is CRTVG (CorporaciĆ³n de Radio e TelevisiĆ³n de Galicia). As the public broadcaster in Galicia, CRTVG often provides tournament coverage, allowing viewers in Spain to enjoy the thrilling matches of the Copa America.

CRTVG Overview

CRTVG is a regional public broadcaster in Spain, specifically serving the autonomous community of Galicia. It runs many TV and radio stations, each of which broadcasts a wide variety of shows tailored to the tastes of its local population.

Coverage of Copa America

During the Copa America, CRTVG typically secures the broadcasting rights to air selected matches from the tournament. These matches are broadcast live on their television channels, ensuring Galician viewers can access the exciting football action.


Viewers in Galicia can access CRTVG’s coverage of Copa America through their television sets. The specific channel and schedule for the tournament matches are usually announced closer to the event, allowing fans to plan their viewing accordingly.

Online Streaming

In addition to traditional television broadcasts, CRTVG may provide online streaming options for viewers who prefer to watch the Copa America matches on their computers, smartphones, or other internet-connected devices. The availability of online streaming platforms or services associated with CRTVG can provide convenient access to the tournament for those unable to watch through traditional television.

Additional Programming

Aside from live match broadcasts, CRTVG may offer pre-match analysis, post-match discussions, highlights, interviews, and other related programming during the Copa America. This comprehensive coverage aims to enhance the viewing experience and keep fans engaged with the tournament.

Hulu + Live TV

How to Watch Copa America 2024 Online in Spain

Hulu + Live TV is a popular service that offers a wide range of live channels, including sports, entertainment, news, and more. If you’re in Spain and looking to watch the Copa America tournament, Hulu + Live TV can be a convenient option to catch all the thrilling football action.

Subscription and Availability

To access Hulu + Live TV, subscribe to the service, which typically requires a $69.99 monthly fee. It is essential to check if Hulu + Live TV is available in Spain, as streaming service availability can vary by region. If accessible in your area, you can subscribe to begin streaming Copa America matches.

Sports Channels and Coverage

Hulu + Live TV provides access to various sports channels that broadcast live events, including football matches. Some popular sports channels on Hulu + Live TV may include ESPN, Fox Sports, and NBC Sports. These channels often cover major sporting events like the Copa America, allowing you to watch the matches in real time.

Live Streaming and On-Demand Content

With Hulu + Live TV, you can watch Copa America matches as they happen via live streaming. The service offers a user-friendly interface allowing you to navigate the channels and select the one broadcasting the tournament. In addition, to live streaming, Hulu + Live TV also provides on-demand content, allowing you to catch up on any missed matches or highlights.

Device Compatibility

Hulu + Live TV is compatible with a wide range of devices, making it convenient to watch the Copa America matches on your preferred screen. You can stream the tournament on your smart TV, computer, smartphone, tablet, or streaming devices such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV. Check the Hulu + Live TV website or app for a complete list of supported devices.

Internet Connection Requirements

To enjoy uninterrupted streaming of Copa America on Hulu + Live TV, you need a stable internet connection. It is recommended to have a broadband connection with a minimum speed of 8 Mbps for a smooth streaming experience. Depending on your device and preferences, higher internet speeds may be required for HD or 4K streaming.

Additional Features and Services

Hulu + Live TV offers additional features and services to enhance your viewing experience. These may include DVR capabilities, allowing you to record and watch Copa America matches later. Some subscriptions may also offer multiple streams, enabling you to monitor the tournament on multiple devices simultaneously.

Final Words

In conclusion, various options make watching the Copa America in Spain easier. Hulu + Live TV is a popular streaming service offering live sports channels, including those broadcasting the tournament. With its user-friendly interface, device compatibility, and additional features like DVR capabilities, Hulu + Live TV provides a convenient way to catch all the exciting moments of Copa America from the comfort of your home. Take advantage of the action and ensure you have a subscription to Hulu + Live TV to enjoy the tournament to the fullest.

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